Why You Need a Mortgage Broker in the UAE for Property Dealing

Buying a property in the United Arab Emirates can quickly become overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the Mortgage process. We get plenty of queries about the mortgage process in the UAE as we work with customers and interact with families who are looking for their dream homes. The difficulty is that, unlike other transactions, the mortgage process is not frequently repeated.

Most people find it a difficult process or miss out on a great deal of mortgage opportunities in the market when they directly visit lenders without evaluating documents.

As a result, they end up getting delayed in the mortgage process, missing out on the opportunity to get their property, or the dream of having their own home in the UAE left behind.

Most people don’t have an understanding on how bad or good the process can be and they have no idea if they apply for a mortgage loan through the bank directly.

A mortgage broker can assist and evaluate clients to find out the most suitable lender based on their profile and simplify the mortgage process.

Purpose Of Using A Mortgage Broker In Dubai For Property Dealings

A mortgage broker serves as a go-between for the borrower and the lender. They analyse their clients’ financial situations and goals before matching them with the various types of mortgages available in Dubai. Simply put, a mortgage broker assists a client in locating the best financial lender for their property.

Mortgage brokers’ knowledge is useful in a variety of areas that are important to understand before obtaining a mortgage in Dubai. They also offer expert advice on various lenders in the market and mortgage processes. When you apply for a home loan through a mortgage broker, you have a much lower chance of being rejected by lenders.

Why Crown Capital Finance as a Mortgage Broker over Direct Bank

  • All UAE lenders are accessible.
  • A unified opinion on a suitable product
    Financial solutions for all types of needs
  • Capability to negotiate special deals
  • Long-term partnership
  • Case Department with Years of Experience
  • Higher success rates of mortgage loan

How does Crown Capital Finance make the mortgage process in the UAE easier?

1. Initial Consultation
We evaluate your financial situation, examine your debt and income data, and match you with the best mortgage and lender.

2. Document Collection
We collect documents, review them, analyze them, and arrange them for submission to the mortgage lender for further processing.

3. Evaluation and Approval
Following submission, obtain pre-approval, then proceed to property valuation for final loan approval, guiding you through the mortgage process seamlessly.

4. Disbursement Process
We manage loan disbursement and the property title transfer process after final loan approval, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing.

5. Transferring property title
We don’t leave your hand till you get the property keys in your hand

Final Notes

The bank operates to fulfill a transactional request. Crown Capital Finance is here to help you through the lengthy transaction. We see the mortgage as a journey to your dream home rather than a transaction, and we go beyond simple request fulfilment.

We go over contracts with you and advise you on best practices for MOU signing, the down payment process, and ways to save money on interest and insurance.

As a leading mortgage broker in Dubai and the UAE, Crown Capital Finance has access to various lenders for many years through our professional networks and industry knowledge. We strive to provide excellent customer service and to make the mortgage process as simple as possible for our clients.

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