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Welcome to Crown Capital Banking and Finance Consultancy (CCFC)- The Top Mortgage Advisor in the UAE.

Mortgage services are significant to invest in your future. Mortgage is the way, you can get access to financing your dream property with easy loan repayments over a long duration. We help end to end mortgage process till you get the property key in your hand.Crown Capital offers the Best Mortgage Rates in Dubai with the help of its extensive network. Our strong network includes authorized lenders, banks, and other financial institutions. We have over 10 years of experience serving different clients in the UAE. We understand client expectations first and suggest the best bank for their Mortgage needs.  

Why Choose Crown Capital?

  • Quick understanding of the client requirements
  • Service transparency
  • Best mortgage rates
  • End to end Mortgage solution process
  • Steady network with various landers
  • Offering best value to clients   
  • Full negotiation on the part of the clients to help them gain better coverage.

Advantages of choosing Crown Capital

  • Free consulting on the mortgage eligibility.
  • Multiple mortgage options.
  • Best Mortgage promotional interest rates.
  • Professional and supportive mortgage services. 

How to Apply Mortgage with us.

Loan Application

Organizing all Relevant Documents Received from the client.

Loan Set-up

Our Professional will Review the Documentation. We choose the Right Lender Upon Estimating How much you can Afford to Borrow the Mortgage.


CCFC Professional will Forward Mortgage application to Selected lenders to Obtain Pre-Approval or Final Approval Letter.


The Professional will Clear all Queries raised by the Lender to Approve the Mortgage Application.

Loan Approval

You will get Mortgage Pre-Approval or Final offer Letter (FOL) From CCFC or Lender.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Find out the Best Mortgage Rates with us.

Mortgage Buyout

We help you to Switch at Lower Interest rates.

Equity / Loan Against Property

We help you to get a Loan against Property.

Talk with a Lending Specialist.

Connect with our Lending Specialists today to explore your financial possibilities.

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