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Investing has been a crucial decision for any company since time immemorial, whether the company is newly founded or considering a new project. In current times, though, the rapidly-changing business world has amplified the pressure of getting this right. The consumer, product, technology, and legal arenas are constantly shifting. It is more critical than before that we get it right. The potential of the idea will determine the achievement of the business. A feasibility study helps decide whether the investment or business decision is economic, financial, and efficient.

Why choose Crown Capital for Feasibility Study Services?

  • At CROWN CAPITAL, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional feasibility study consulting services in Dubai and the UAE.
  • We have experienced interdisciplinary experts who are some of the top feasibility study consultants in the country.
  • We help our clients evaluate the prospects of potential outcomes to make informed Go/No Go decisions.
  • Our comprehensive feasibility study advisory services examine all components, such as Market Feasibility, Commercial Feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Operational Feasibility, and risk analysis of the planned activity.
  • We calculate the required infrastructure and operations, measure expenditure and returns, and pinpoint essential risks when conducting feasibility studies for client businesses in Dubai and in the other Emirates.
  • Our assistance is available for firms of all sizes, activities, industries, and domains.
  • Our expertise comes backed with comprehensive global knowledge that gives our feasibility study consulting services an advantage over competitors in the area.
  • Our reach extends beyond our local offices, and we are pleased to offer these services in our worldwide network.

Why Conduct a Feasibility Study and what are its benefits?

Investors and entrepreneurs who may be emotionally attached to a project can often overlook potential risks and potential outcomes. An unbiased outside perspective from reputable companies like CROWN CAPITAL can help prevent such risks. Furthermore, creating and maintaining comparable market intelligence and conducting research is time-consuming and often too much for companies to manage in-house.

Timelines and Costs for a Feasibility Study

Depending on the scope and magnitude of the project, the timeline of a feasibility study could range from three to four weeks up to several months. Many aspects go into the evaluation process, but not limited to the number of geographic areas, the complexity and quantity of product offerings, individual business aspects to be examined, and the scope of the market analysis.
With competitive costs tailored to individual requirements, our company offers unparalleled value for market feasibility studies

Feasibility Study Explained

An impartial, third-party analysis of the demand and availability of a proposed product or service in a specific area(s) is referred to as a feasibility study. This analysis estimates the potential profit from the potential investment. Our main objective is to provide a definitive answer on whether to move forward with the proposed investment.

Feasibility Study Output

A reliable feasibility study conducted by an experienced consultant or consulting services should take into consideration all applicable elements regarding the proposed investment, such as market demand, supply size, growth, predictions pricing, margins, consumer profiles, purchasing habits, trends competitors, market share distribution channels and a SWOT evaluation to recognize both threats and opportunities.

Financial Feasibility

The financial feasibility study in the UAE carefully evaluates the economic viability of the proposed project by conducting analyses on various aspects such as the cost of funding, types of funds, operating expenses, cash flow, breakeven and payoff analysis, balance sheet, and P&L, Net Present Value, Return on Investment and Return on Equity.

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