Property Investments

Significant Oportunities in India, UAE & US

We can help private investors with property investment in the India, U.A.E and USA through the significant contacts we have forged in 18 years of business. Our advisers are well-placed to provide you with a range of investment opportunities, as well as being highly-experienced and happy to walk you through negotiating a contract from start to finish.

Property investment can center on any type of building from your first, or next, house to an empty plot of land to commercial property. Investment can be exclusive to you, or as part of a wider scheme.

If you are investing alone, then the usual vehicle employed is that of a mortgage. Naturally, different mortgage rules and conditions apply based on the planned use of the property, whether it is commercial or residential, or a mixture of both in the case of buy-to-let properties. The mortgage markets in the UAE, USA and India are very different so expert advice is essential.

Professional advice is a phone call away with a Crown Capital Assets adviser. In the meantime why not browse a few of our blog articles in which we consider whether you should invest in UAE, U.S.A property vs India stocks; resident mortgages guru Ms.Amee Shah gives some elite tips for buying property in appropriate country as per your expectation; and what about the UAE property market in 2018


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