Mortgage Consultancy

Mortgage Consultancy

  • Mortgage to buy Residential Property: –

When you have a dream and if it’s a big financial decision then you should have an expert by your side and choosing a Right one thus becomes essential. You can go directly to various banks and obviously they are bound to offer you their own product while limiting your choices and not giving you the competitiveness, this is where having CCFC Adviser by your side gives you and your financial dream an edge. CCFC adviser will ensure complete transparency and will keep in mind that any time you do not compromise or overstretch on your financial commitments 

  • Mortgage to buy Commercial Property: –

We can avail the best offer and exclusive rates and terms on Mortgages for offices, warehouses, Retail and all another commercial real estate with LTV of up to 75% for properties in UAE, which are completed or near completion.

  • Equity release: –

As it says, go for home improvements, diversify investments or go for another real estate investment. We understand that you are looking to re-invest and lower the interest rates higher the returns.

  • Mortgage for Under construction property: –

We have specifically tied up with the Banks in UAE who are actively offering a competitive product for under construction Property, the finance value of up to 50% on approved developments for properties still under construction.

  • Re-mortgage – switch to a lower interest rate.

The Interest Rates were too high during 2008, now they are very attractive as lenders offer different kinds of promotion in profit rates and charges. it’s the right time to make a CCFC and Re-Mortgage by appointing us as your adviser and we shall get you the lowest possible interest rates with minimal charges.

  • Mortgage for Non-resident.

We have tied up with all Banks in UAE that specifically target Non-Resident Clientele; we can avail the right offer and the most competitive interest rates and up to 75% loan to value for individuals residing overseas, looking to purchase a property in the UAE. The product will be applicable for any type of real estate investment, for rental yield or holiday home purchases.

  • Process for Mortgage Consultancy
  • Step 1: Initial Contract with a client
  • Step 2: Collection of documents and review.
  • Step 3: Preparation of Memorandum of Information to attack banks.
  • Step 4: To collect bank offer and find a suitable mortgage.
  • Step 5: Apply for Pre-approval / buy-out / re-finance / equity.
  • Step 6: To Identify property & Its valuation
  • Step 7: Transfer property at Dubai Lands Department.
  • Step 1: Understanding Client’s need.
  • Step 2: Initial Contract with Client.
  • Step 3: Documentation collection & review.
  • Step 4: Apply for Pre-approval / buy-out / re-finance / equity.
  • Step 5: Submission of Pre-Approval documents to bank / Financial institution.
  • Step 6: Bank issues Pre-Approval (Validity 1 to 3 Months)
  • Step 7: Client’s identify the property through Real Estate Agent
  • Step 8: Bank Conduct property valuation and issue final approval.
  • Step 9: Final Approval review jointly by CCFC advisory and client before client accept the offer and sign the bank documents
  • Step 10: The Client is advised of Medical Test requirements, if any, for life insurance cover.
  • Step 11: Transfer property at Dubai Lands Department.

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